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The greatest cavalry general in history

History could have been very different if the Taichud warrior Zurgadai had taken a slightly different aim when firing an arrow

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It is said that nigirizushi was developed in the 1820s by a chef named Hanaya Yohei. It’s hand-formed, and instead of using fermented ingredients it uses rice mixed with vinegar and topped with slices of fresh, raw fish. Nigirizushi is also known as
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Spouted Jar
The ancient Maya believed that cacao had magical properties and that it was a gift to humans from the god Kukulkan (known as Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs), a feathered serpent. To consume cacao, they would harvest the beans from the trees before fermen
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Chocolate Pioneers
Opening her first chocolate shop in Brussels in 1919, Delluc focused on the excellence and quality of her handmade chocolates, emphasising them as a luxury product that should be relished. Not only was she the first woman to pioneer Belgian chocolate