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War Plan Red was one of a number of colour-coded plans created by the United States during the

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RECOMMENDS… Chronicle Of A Downfall
Author Leopold Schwarzschild Price £28.99 Publisher I.B. Tauris Leopold Schwarzschild was a German-Jewish journalist who fled to Paris in 1933. There he mounted a furious attack on the European powers who were taken off guard by the Nazi ascendancy.
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Queen Of A Lost People
When the Romans conquered Britannia they were not facing one unified nation as we might know it today, but several smaller tribal states spread across the British Isles. Most have been lost to time, but one remains at least moderately known. The name
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Chocolate House
Occupying a similar position to the coffee houses of the same period, chocolate houses were the haunts of the elite and upper classes. The first of these establishments opened in 1657 but was soon followed by a number of others, some of the most famo