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A STRATEGY CONSULTANT who lives in Austin, 36-year-old Adam Nieves Johnson often has days when he can’t control his schedule. Weekends are different, so every other Sunday is slotted for his mental-health vacation.

He’ll hit the dog park with his three Labs—Belle, Beau, and Nina—and then do yoga. But the true

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EVERY YEAR, Blake Mycoskie, 44, and a bunch of his guy friends go on a surf trip. It’s a time to catch up, take stock, shoot the shit. In 2017, they hit Mexico, where they spent a week riding waves off the coast of Baja. One night, during a round of
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The Meat Mystery
ONE NIGHT in the late 1990s, Greg Gilbert, Ph.D., discovered he was allergic to meat. A forest ecologist and professor at UC Santa Cruz, he was working with the indigenous Guna people on the Caribbean coast of Panama to diagnose a disease in coconuts
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The Tao Of Jocko
This was purely for demonstration purposes. Still, it all happened so fast. One second I was kneeling there, hunched over Jocko Willink, this hulking beast of a man. A second later, I could feel the strong tug on the collar of my martial-arts-style g