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On May 16, at an online event of the India Today Group, Union minister for information technology Ravi Shankar Prasad remarked that those who had problems with the Aarogya Setu app were free to not download it. Prasad’s statement was seen as a big climbdown from the Centre’s May 1 guideline that had made it mandatory for certain categories of individuals to download the contact-tracing app on their mobile phones. On May 17, the Union

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The Last Of The Crew
There is a story from the 1980s’ filming of a political thriller set in Calcutta, directed by one of Bengali art cinema’s rising stars. This director, having seen all sorts of international cinema, from Costa-Gavras to Solanas, decided he needed his
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A Man Misremembered
Wajahat Habibullah’s book is a long overdue revision of the widely-accepted view of Rajiv Gandhi’s political life. He is the least remembered of the prime ministers who lasted a full term or more, and when he is remembered, it is usually for his fail
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In their effort to find audiences, Ramanand Sagar and religious right-wing forces rid the Ramayana of ambivalence. In their telling, Rama was never prone to doubt. His actions were dictated by a kind of moral certitude that divinity readily affords.