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Confidence is key

When your goal is to educate people, self-confidence is essential. We are all tempted to weigh up our own skills against others in our industry, but it is important for a teacher to convey a strong sense of belief in their approach to a topic.

For most beginner courses you will be teaching

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Digital Photographer1 min gelesenScience & Mathematics
Key Tip Dodge And Burn
A rule that I always keep in mind is that a partially lit object is more interesting than an object fully illuminated. So keep that in mind, and aim to make the light more complex. The eyes are always drawn to the brightness part of the photo, so be
Digital Photographer1 min gelesen
Plan For Access And Check Permissions
When you plan to arrive at a location just as most other people are leaving for the night, there is the potential to run into difficulties. Be certain you can access car parking facilities at the time you need to arrive, and always check the rules se
Digital Photographer2 min gelesenNature
Misty Mornings
As summer fades to a distant memory, autumn becomes winter, slowly at first then all at once. Across the country landscape photographers find themselves in the throes of anticipation, eagerly awaiting those transitional months where two seasons colli