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Meat – whether red, poultry or pork – has always been a firm favourite of mine. So much so that I eat it most days of the week – a meal is simply not complete without meat. My childhood has probably been the biggest influence when it comes to this. Growing up in a village where poverty was a reality in most, if not all, households, meat was a luxury that only came on Sundays. So scarce it was that some Sundays came and left without it. This turned Sunday into my favourite day of the week because, amid trying to navigate through life’s difficulties, I had a favourite indulgence to look forward to. Those

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True Love1 min gelesenPsychology
Nandi Dlepu’s Tips For Avoiding Burn-out
Be mindful… that your understanding of balance does not lean towards perfection. Be conscious… and active about your need for rest. Take time… to reflect and see if you’re happy with your work output, quality time with loved ones and how you take c
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Off The Cuff
1. Sneakers or formal shoes? Sneakers always! 2. City that tops my travel bucket list: Lugano in Switzerland; I love the space there. 3. Your last meal on earth would be? I’m not big on food, quite honestly. 4. What Ilove about being a South African
True Love3 min gelesenRegional & Ethnic
Easy Like Christmas Morning
Serves: 6-8 Preparation time: 3hrs 2 Tbsp olive oil½ onion, finely chopped2 cloves garlic, finely chopped600g spinach, choppedSalt and freshly ground black pepper6-8 leaves sage, finely chopped2,3kg deboned pork neck150g mozzarella cheese, gratedBoi