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Pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but traditionally a full-term pregnancy is considered to be anything between 38 and 42 weeks. What happens when you go over the 40-week mark? Is this good or bad? And should you and your doctor do anything about it? Your friend was induced at 39 weeks – should you ask for this too?

The last few weeks of pregnancy can feel like forever. You can’t wait to meet your baby, and you’re also physically exhausted. This could be why something to help things along might seem so attractive. However, doctors warn that induction should

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C’est La Vie
Bonjour! We’re writing this letter from the south of France, across the sea. We moved over here from Johannesburg in June 2020. And if that were not abig enough change, we found out amonth into our adventure that we were expecting our third baby. It
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Stress Busters
1 California Dr Wadhwa at at Irvine the University says that of a good support network is great for managing your stress levels. Reach out to your partner, family and friends. 2 pregnancy Good information and prenatal about care is a stress antidote