Your Pregnancy


Pretoria couple Annandé, an attorney, and Gavin van der Merwe, a civil engineer, have two small children: Annabelle, 3 years old, and baby Kenneth, who is 10 months old. Annabelle was born in a hospital –and Kenneth was born, well, outside a hospital. Here’s how that happened…

Like many first-time mothers, Annandé relied on her gynaecologist during her first pregnancy for advice and information. She felt she’d like to experience the female rite of passage of a natural vaginal delivery. This instinct was not something she believes her (male) gynaecologist could understand. “When I told my doctor

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Your Pregnancy1 min gelesenRelationships
8 Ways To Get Closer
1 HAVE A BABYMOON. Make your baby your top priority. Switch off your phone, and forget about housework and chores that can be done later. 2 KANGAROO CARE. Put your baby on your naked chest, so she can experience skin-to-skin contact. This will stimu
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Keep Up Kangaroo Care
Don’t stop once you get home. Continuing skin to skin will continue to deliver benefits. “Human babies thrive on frequent and prolonged skin-to-skin contact for many weeks after birth,” says Erica Neser, an international board certified lactation con
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Work. Parent. Repeat.
Combining a career and parenting is not always easy. Most working moms (and many dads) will tell you that when they’re at work, they long to be at home with their child, and when they’re at home they’re stressing about stuff they need to sort out for