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BEFORE you dive into creating your first site consider a few key questions – who is the

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Camera Club Competition
In this year’s APOY, entrants can win points for their camera clubs – all you need to do is select your club from the dropdown menu when you upload your images. Whatever points you are awarded are then added to your club’s overall tally. That’s what
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We now have software programs such as Luminar which offer unbeatable facilities for adding skies accurately to images. I know because I have tried it. Luminar supplies a large number of skies with the program some of which are superb, such as night s
Amateur Photographer2 min gelesenScience & Mathematics
Achieve Great Results In Six Simple Steps
If you’re working with an image that only has a Background Layer, press Ctrl+J twice to make two copies of the Background. If you have Layers in place, click on the top Layer to make it active, then press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to merge all visible Layers