Working Mother

Progress—One Woman at a Time

L’Oréal USA

New York, New York

President and CEO Stéphane Rinderknech

Senior VP, HR and Chief HR Officer Stephane Charbonnier

Program Women of Color Think Tank, inspires multicultural women with professional development and external community work.

Employee Melissa Davis, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Matrix Hair Color

What She Learned Success, at any level, is not achieved alone. Being part of a group of women who serve as mentors, resources, advocates and confidants to each other is invaluable.

Employee Puja K. Dutta, Director, Customer Marketing

What She Learned 

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From Paradise to Pandemic
My friend Kerry’s wedding weekend was one of the most joyful experiences I’ve had. It was the first time my husband, Paul, and I had taken a vacation without the kids. The weather in Austin, Texas, was gorgeous. Several of my friends of more than 15
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“You Must Be The Assistant.”
Women are twice as likely as men to be mistaken for someone more junior, according to the McKinsey/Lean In study. (It often happens when a woman manager or exec meets someone new and is mistaken for her male assistant.) Apologize on the spot, then ch
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Calling It Quits
They start their corporate careers like everyone else: eager to show their value and hungry to learn. They actually are more ambitious than other newbies, much more likely to aim for the top jobs. But they quickly and consistently see that stretch as