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Now that we’re stuck at home, we all want to continue as best we can with our training, and emerge from lockdown raring to pick up where we left off. There are numerous ways we can do this which are still engaging and effective, without even having to pull the trigger. Let’s look at a few ideas that I’ve been using at home myself,

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Clay Shooting1 min gelesenMedical
• Balanced and healthy diet • Maintain a strong immune system to reduce the incidence of illness: Anti-Oxidants, Vitamin D and Calcium. • Food that will aid recovery and reduce incidence of injury • A consistent fluid intake • Food that will keep you
Clay Shooting4 min gelesen
A Gateway To Success?
Some strange looking photos have been appearing on clay shooting social media groups lately, with clay guns sporting a big U-shaped attachment clipped to the muzzles. A closer look reveals it’s called the Method Gateway, and comes from shooting coach
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Have You Booked The Classic Yet?
We’re all looking forward to spring and, with luck, the chance to get out shooting and competing once again. The calendar is already coming together for the 2021 clay shooting season, with dates announced for the Essex Masters, the CPSA English Open