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Perfect Cup

The gorgeous teacup and saucer instantly elevates teatime to an elegant affair. (£70.00, or +44 20

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A Cup of Irish Tea Welcomes a President Home
United Press Photograph from the Benjamin Press archives During our first visit to Ireland, my wife and I explored the Boyne Valley, one of the most sacred spots in Celtic history. We came away with a profound sense that those rolling green hills wer
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Tea and Sentiment at Galway’s Cupan Tae
For Alison McArdle, owning Cupán Tae, a tea shop/restaurant in her native Galway, is much more than just a business. It’s an investment in a long-standing Irish tradition. The Irish have a huge emotional attachment to tea, Alison says, like what time
TeaTime2 min gelesen
Taking Time for Tea in County Antrim
Nestled among flowering cherry trees in a hidden garden in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, is Take Thyme. This charming delicatessen is situated between a complex of distinctive boutique shops. I remember the day I was first introduced to this fine