The Art of Healing



How does transcendental meditation™ help to neutralise stress in everyday life? Believe it or not, stress has not always been the enemy. For much of our two-hundred-thousand-year human history, our stress response system was one of the body’s most important survival tools.

Let’s jump back to when your ancestors were hunters having a normal day in the savannas of Africa. They’d be walking along and suddenly find themselves eye-to-eye with a lion. Without conscious thought, they either dug in their heels and gripped their spears, or they turned and ran for their lives.

That is why we still have what’s called the fight-or-flight response. Back then, if you saw a lion or heard the roar, that information went to your amygdala, the little almond-shaped set of nerve cells (neurons) deep in your brain. The amygdala is the fire

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Editor’s Note
I have been wondering for a while, what on earth I could say here that might be relevant, that might make a difference, and have some meaning .. with not knowing where we will all be when you are reading this post-June (I am writing this mid-April).