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David Bronner is a fifth generation soapmaker and environmental and social activist. He is also CEO of the Dr Bronner soap brand (he refers to his role as Cosmic Engagement Officer) which is North America’s number one natural soap brand founded by Emmanuel Bronner (David’s grandfather) in 1948. When David visited Australia earlier this year, The Art of Healing took the opportunity to ask him some questions about soap and Dr Bronner’s.


Before we get into what is fake soap, can you please explain what soap actually is, along with saponification?

Soaps have been made for millennia. Alongside making fires and cooking food, turning oils and fats into soap is one of the oldest and simplest chemical reactions known to humankind. It is believed that the first soaps were accidentally made by fat dripping into the ashes of cooking fires.

Soap is made by saponifying a fat or oil with an alkali. A fat or oil

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