The Art of Healing

YOGA ASANA ADJUSTMENT for your Postural Type

Asanas, or poses, are an excellent medium for both discovering and correcting imbalances. Generally speaking, body imbalances would be diagnosed by specialists; however, instead of being overly dependent on posture assessment tests, many yoga practitioners and teachers believe that self-assessment of their own imbalances through asanas is a preferable and more effective option. This is because imbalances in the human body are not something that can be corrected within a short period of time: they are a lifelong condition that will gradually improve through long-term, regular management. So with perseverance, you see results.

Life has many challenges and traumas for us all, and every bump, fall, or emotional trauma is stored in our bodies. You could say we are a collection of compensations held in the body. Yoga asana, if understood and practised correctly, is a remedy for releasing

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