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Working out in a gym or at home, if you have the equipment, can be beneficial. Everybody’s workout will be

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BASC To Challenge Exclusion From Welsh Licences Review
BASC is to challenge a High Court decision to refuse to give it ‘interested party’ status in a legal action by Wild Justice. The High Court has refused BASC interested party status in the forthcoming judicial review of general licences in Wales. The
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Dogs That Cut A Dash
At one time the term ‘prey drive’ was mainly reserved for terriers and hounds and only occasionally used by the gundog fraternity. However, in the past 30 or so years, with the rising popularity of hunt-point-retrievers we have seen it used more freq
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A Nose For The Job
Understanding scent and scenting conditions can really make a difference when working gundogs. Perhaps I should have said ‘trying to understand’ because I don’t think we human beings could ever fully appreciate the power of a dog’s nose. Over the yea