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Brian’s elegant vibrato is a cornerstone of his playing

Make sure you're able to bend up to a note and add vibrato below the

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What You Need To Record
This goes without saying, but before you record, it’s worth checking out your guitar for buzzes, noises and intonation. A setup doesn’t cost much, but the benefits of having your gear in order now will pay off later. Get a set of fresh strings on you
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Buyer’s Guide
The entry model of Fender’s Classic Design Series is a reminder of just how much guitar you get for your money ›»C»›“C‡¶„“C››¶„'›§†“C“·'C¶«C»›“C‡›„–“»QCw›“CfgPYSv›C fi·»¶·›»fi¶·C›·'C›¤»fi¶·Cfi”C‹„“›»OC»›¶…‹›C·¶»C»¶¶C†¶¿C»¶C‡›–“C…”C¿›„´C ¶«C'¶¿·P»…·fi
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Stay On Track!
Track 9 is a vamp around D, Dmaj Dm, 7 Dm and 7 and D7. Track Dm7 b 10 5. Finally jams on , track 11 is a guitar-free mix for you to jam along with using any of the chords in this lesson. ■