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His lyrics may overshadow his playing, but the Arctic Monkey’s spikey guitar lines communicate his sentiments equally well.


Perhaps only George Harrison has recorded more

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Boss Dm-2
First introduced in 1981, the BOSS DM-2 was a mini revolution – a compact, stomp box analogue delay that was accessible yet sounded excellent. The DM-1 had aimed to offer a more reliable, cheaper alternative to their RE-series tape echo range, but th
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Buyer’s Guide
The entry model of Fender’s Classic Design Series is a reminder of just how much guitar you get for your money ›»C»›“C‡¶„“C››¶„'›§†“C“·'C¶«C»›“C‡›„–“»QCw›“CfgPYSv›C fi·»¶·›»fi¶·C›·'C›¤»fi¶·Cfi”C‹„“›»OC»›¶…‹›C·¶»C»¶¶C†¶¿C»¶C‡›–“C…”C¿›„´C ¶«C'¶¿·P»…·fi
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If you want to keep it simple, ”»fi¤–C»¶C»›“C›„”»C“fi‹›»C¤›¶„'”QC Alternatively, add the variations that you’ll hear on the track by playing C-Cadd9-C-Cmaj7 (instead of just C) and G-Gsus4-G-Gadd9, and so on. While it may look like a lot of chords, t