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Reduction in use by Indians of retail and leisure spaces over five weeks up to May 25, shows the most recent Google mobility trends report. The baseline is usage recorded between January 3 and February 6, 2020. Use of parks and similar spaces was down 55%. Data for the USA over

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The Ranaut Hit List
“By joining hands with [the] movie mafia and breaking my house, you think you have got your revenge? Today you demolished my home, tomorrow your arrogance will be demolished” “I condemn you Sanjayji. You are not Maharashtra. You can’t say I criticis
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Letter From The Editor-in-chief
IF THERE’S ONE THING that these Covid adjacent times have focussed our attention on—it’s the home. Even as we rattle around in endless confinement, the four walls offer refuge from the raging pandemic but also a return to our roots. With ‘Vocal for L
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A Piece Of Her Mind
The problem is that the industry has not yet understood the nature of my illness and what I went through,” Parveen Babi said in an interview to a magazine in 1980. The actress was talking about her mental breakdown. While reading Parveen Babi: A Life