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Biologists David Raubenheimer and Stephen J Simpson believe that looking to other humans for diet advice may be where we’ve been going wrong! Their book Eat Like The Animals shares what creatures can teach us about our own eating habits.


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SERVES 12 PREP 30 MINS + SOAKING COOK 3 HOURS 1kg mixed fruit½ cup orange juice½ cup orange liqueur200g butter, softened1 cup brown sugar4 eggs1¹/ ³ cups plain flour, sifted½ cup chopped unsalted macadamias100g dark chocolate, chopped½ cup halved ma
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When Gillian Anderson burst onto the acting scene in the 1990s as FBI agent Dana Scully in The X-Files, Hollywood agreed that a star was born. Her poster was on the bedroom walls of teenage boys around the world, and she quickly became a pop culture
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