The Caravan

True media needs true allies.

I think that there will come a time when people will ask of the Indian media: What were you doing in those five years when a government came to power that spread hate and

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The Caravan11 min gelesenGender Studies
I, Mutant
It is difficult to describe, but being possessed comes closest to the feeling. A giant hand inside you, weighing you down. Whispering when you close your eyes. A lucid dream of something inside you that did not belong there. And it hurts like a bitch
The Caravan6 min gelesen
Psus And Nation Building
In 1954, while Inaugurating the Bhakra Nangal dam, one of the ambitious projects included in the First Five Year Plan, Nehru christened it as a “temple of modern India.” Laying the foundation for the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, he would repeat the same gest
The Caravan5 min gelesen
Travelling Voices
In the 1970s, when the bazaars first came to Uttarakhand’s Munsyari village, people began to purchase grain instead of growing it. Barley, one of the crops native to the region, slowly diminished in quantity and purpose. Rekha Rautela, who wrote abou