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Biologists David Raubenheimer and Stephen J Simpson believe that looking to other humans for diet advice may be where we’ve been going wrong! Their book Eat Like The Animals shares what creatures can teach us about our own eating habits.


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Woman's Day3 min gelesen
Sagittarians are famous for their happy-go-lucky disposition, but we all have fears. This week, work out what scares you and what you can do about it. Understanding where a fear came from is the first step to getting rid of it. It’s so important that
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Claws Out For Katherine!
Ellen and Patrick may be getting along better than ever, but the feud is still going strong between their former co-stars Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington. Thirteen years after the actor, who played Dr Burke on Grey’s Anatomy, was fired for us
Woman's Day1 min gelesen
McDreamys do come true! Grey’s Anatomy fans were in raptures after Ellen Pompeo recently posted a gorgeous snap of her together with former onscreen love Patrick Dempsey. The 54-year-old heartthrob, whose character Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd died in 2