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“Perhaps the game is still only in its first phase of development”

IS COACHING an art or science? Is coaching vital in developing high-performing teams or are high-performing teams merely a product of talented players appearing in the same side? Discuss.

These are a few questions I’ve been asked during lockdown as everyone takes their foot off the accelerator and reflects on coaching, team-building and leadership development. So I’ll come out in defence

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“Politics Has Disaster Capitalists. We Have Other Kinds Of Opportunists”
A REBOOT at a big rugby club is sometimes good and sometimes bad. If you’ve been playing well under a certain coach – who likes you – and you’ve used a certain framework, you’re devastated. There goes all that graft. The new guy might come in and not
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Around The World In Ten Stories
Southport RFC smashed their targets in a fund-raising expedition to the ‘South Pole’. Players and supporters set out to run, walk and cycle the equivalent distance from Southport to the South Pole (16,000km) in honour of club president Graham Ellis (
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The Snag With ‘Obstruction’
IT’S A funny thing, obstruction. It comes in many flavours – the obvious, the deliberate, the subtle or the sneaky. But whatever the case may be, the question left to the ref is: does it matter? Obstruction comes under Law 9, ‘Foul Play’. Yet it’s of