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Brian O’Driscoll 00

Who was your toughest opponent?

Tim Horan. He was a wily old fox. He was world class. He wasn’t a big guy but was a smart

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“Change Of This Magnitude Is Not Comfortable But I’m Optimistic”
THE PANDEMIC has ripped through the game like a tornado, leaving a path of destruction. A season null and void, with no rugby in the Premier 15s since January; the title sponsor gone, so too the development league. On top of that, Premier 15s clubs a
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“I Don’t Tend To Get Embarrassed. Sometimes I Like Being The Joke”
WHAT’S IT like being back at Gloucester? It’s been really nice so far. It’s just nice being back playing rugby and having a bit of a routine. I did enjoy the isolation period but by the end of it I was ready to get back. I’m obviously happy to be bac
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Your Rugby Calendar
Father-and-son referees Julian and Theo Edwards will complete their visit to all North Midlands RFU clubs this month. Their cycle ride is in aid of the RFU Injured Players Foundation and Matt Hampson Foundation. See This