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Serge Blanco 80

Who was your toughest opponent?

There’s not one particular opponent but a team: South Africa in 1980 under Morné du Plessis. They were the opponents when

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WHAT GOES ON TOUR… Goes in Rugby World
Fwing Laurent Pardo is a colourful character, as is clear from these anecdotes Franck Mesnel tells about his team-mate ‘Lolo’ from their playing days… “I was playing my first provincial game in Brive. (Va’aiga) Tuigamala was my opposite number. I was
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“Leinster Are Odds On. But Other Teams Could Give Them A Shock”
THE SEASON had to be curtailed and stopped because of the virus, but I think the restart format is the best of a bad situation. I’ve been speaking to a lot of players and they can’t wait to get back on the pitch playing games rather than training on
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The Rugby Rant
WHO COULD have imagined in 1990 that the state of Welsh domestic rugby would now be so bad? Regional rugby has helped to improve standards, but since it was implemented many supporters have walked away from the game. People often say that TV money is