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“I hardly remember anything about the game (the drawn third Test of the Lions series) – getting potentially concussed, passing my HIA and returning to the field, a penalty decision against me…

“Kieran Read and I discussed tossing a coin to see who’d kick off for extra-time – golden point. We agreed we’d find a winner!

“I’m really proud of being a part of that photo. It was Jerome Kaino who suggested we should mix the boys together, which was a great idea. It’s an iconic photo that tells us so much about rugby – I’m not sure you would get a photo like this in many other sports. It shows the values of rugby are shared across the whole world.”


“This wasn’t a polished, training ground call (in the World Cup final against Canada). Katy (Daley-Mclean) threw to me, Burf (Rachael Burford) went round the back and we made it work.

“Once I got past Mandy Marchak, the other defenders almost looked like they going the opposite way to what I wanted to run; it felt like I had a free passage to the try-line.

“In the context of the game and the clock (the converted try put England 21-9 ahead with six minutes left), everybody’s reaction suggested, barring any dramas, that was it. The crowd noise, the girls’ reaction, it was amazing.”


“I remember the picture very clearly – it’s taken in Soweto (after the RWC 2019 win). Cheslin Kolbe was sitting on top of the roof and I joined him, with ‘Bill’ in my hands. There were people everywhere and the bus really struggled to move through the crowds.

“It was an incredible journey for me and the team, and we were so glad that we could share the World Cup trophy with our fellow South Africans because they gave us fantastic support in the build-up and during the tournament.

“I will always remember these images from the victory tour parade and the amazing scenes on our arrival in Johannesburg.”


“It is a load of nonsense when they talk about 111 lineouts (in Wales’ 6-0 win over Scotland). It

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