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blade of sunlight cuts through a gap between the shade and the window frame and lands on the couch cushion next to me; within minutes my cat, Miamo, has intercepted it with her left flank. All cats are expert solar trackers, intuitively migrating throughout the day to ensure an optimal angle

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A Smarter Way to Pan-Sear Shrimp
What could be easier than pan-searing shrimp so that they brown deeply and cook up juicy and tender? In some ways, pan-searing just about anything else. Don’t get me wrong: Pan searing is an inherently quick way to cook shrimp and should be really si
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Sous Vide Confit
SOUS VIDE TURKEY THIGH CONFIT WITH CITRUS-MUSTARD SAUCE SERVES 6 TO 8 TOTAL TIME: 17½ HOURS, PLUS 4 DAYS SALTING Start this recipe at least five days or up to 12 days before serving (almost all the time is hands-off). We double-bag the turkey thighs
Cook's Illustrated4 min gelesenFood & Wine
Quick Tips
If a pudding or pastry cream has become lumpy during cooking, Patricia Williams of Houston, Texas, turns to a restaurant trick to smooth things out: She uses an immersion blender to quickly blend the pudding until it’s smooth and then passes the pudd