There are regular trains from London Paddington to Truro station (4hr 30min), including a sleeper service. Local buses cover the

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The Planner
Kemble is the nearest station and trains travel here directly from London taking about 1hr 15min. Bus no. 882 runs from Kemble into town about every hour, taking about 20min. Cirencester’s Civic Society lead daily town walks from April to October, or
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Favourite Filming Moments
• Watching from the sidelines when our conservation specialists worked with the film crew to ensure the safety of Kedleston Hall’s historic interior when Keira Knightley’s wig had to catch fire in The Duchess. It was a tad terrifying. • Attending a r
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In 1841, early in Queen Victoria’s reign, her mentor and Prime Minister Viscount Melbourne explained truthfully if opaquely to Her Majesty: “How the power of Prime Ministry grew up into its present form it is difficult to trace precisely.” It’s certa