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Food Fight?

ccording to the most recent national guidelines, we should get most of our nutrients from the food we eat. Yet a dietary assessment by the

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What Can You Do
At the 2016 Olympic Track & Field Trials, Alysia Montaño took her position out front in the 800 meters, while Kate Grace tucked into the pack. But with 200 meters to go, the group jockeyed for those top three positions to make the team. Montaño lost
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5 Tips For Finding The Right Therapist (for You)
If you have insurance, start with your provider network. Find out if the number of sessions each year is limited and how an out-of-network therapist might affect your costs. Check online databases, which generate lists of counselors and specialists i
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Warm-up 2: Prep For Success
REGAIN MOBILITY (Foam roll out for muscle desensitization) ACTIVATION (pick 1-3 and do 12 reps) In a quarter squat, with a resistance band above your knees, step in one direction and then the other. With a resistance band above the knees, lay down wi