The wheel of life

This month, we’re concentrating on resilience.

• Write down your definition of what mental strength means for you. It

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Breaks Tailored To Your Needs
Comedian Jimmy Carr credits Skyros Holidays for his life-changing career in comedy and there are all manner of transformative masterclasses that focus on writing and wellbeing at the Skyros Centre, based in the traditional Greek village of Skyros. Ta
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Andrea’s Three Easy Steps To Positivity
1 Change your self-talk. Don’t on go a negative spiral about what you should have said or what you would say if you were brave enough. Replace it with something productive and positive, so eventually the negative chatter dies down. Try thoughts such
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The Words
Funny, bold, big-hearted and brilliant, this novel takes a unique look at motherhood, fatherhood, gender, relationships, family and the messy complications of desire, shame, guilt and love from a trans perspective. Reese, a trans woman, is aware of h