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he World Bank celebrated the 2017 launch of its ‘pandemic bonds’ with a glitzy video. Shots of gleeful African schoolchildren were cut with a speech from Jim Yong Kim, the Bank’s president, pledging to be ‘aggressive and creative’. The initiative would channel money quickly to disease outbreaks, he

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New Internationalist2 min gelesenDiscrimination & Race Relations
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Nigeria is Africa’s wealthiest economy and one of the world’s largest oil producers but 40%, or 83 million people, live in extreme poverty. Each successive government has ignored the gap between rich and poor. An Oxfam global inequality index put Nig
New Internationalist3 min gelesenPolitics
Action And Info
The topic is vast, the aspects covered in this issue limited, but there are many ways to take action on democracy: • Education, political and media literacy • Fact-checking and challenging untruths • Digital access, rights and regulation • Privacy, s
New Internationalist2 min gelesenEarth Sciences
View From India
The Sundarbans, an island-dotted deltaic region of the River Ganges, is a confluence of an endangered mangrove ecosystem and human impoverishment. Last year it was struck by a double whammy – a deadly pandemic and natural disaster – and has been stru