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Maxim2 min gelesenTechnology & Engineering
Silver Dream
Storming out of the mist comes a hand-formed aluminum missile. Created by a mind bent upon rediscovering the analog beauty of post-WWII streamlined racers, and hand made with an attention to detail only a man possessed of a passion to learn can muste
Maxim5 min gelesen
Pretty in INK
Edgy, bewitching, and ethereal are all words that can only begin to describe Jessica Carter, the winner of the 2020 Maxim Cover Girl competition. She’s not your average cover model, but evidently, she’s exactly the woman people have been wanting to s
Maxim8 min gelesen
A Winner Never Quits
When media mogul Ted Turner launched his Cable News Network on June 1st, 1980, it marked a watershed moment for the information age. Despite initial public skepticism, CNN’s unique around-the-clock news coverage not only changed the television news i