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For over two months, Editor Ed Ryan and I have conducted a series of coronavirus podcasts and Facebook Live interviews. In those, we’ve heard from a broad and diverse cross section of the radio industry, along with voices from other media sectors. They have shared their concerns, challenges, and thoughts on the long-lasting impact the pandemic will have on the future of the industry as

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Radio Ink Magazine8 min gelesen
Independent Operators Speak Out
Radio Ink: How is business for you in 2020? Kristin Cantrell: We started the year out strong. A bit bumpy in our newest markets — Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and Elmira, New York — as we were going through our transitions. January had our heritage s
Radio Ink Magazine15 min gelesen
How The Military Helped Make Vince Benedetto A Great Leader
Vince Benedetto is the founder, president, and CEO of Bold Gold Media Group, which owns 14 radio stations throughout Pennsylvania and New York. Benedetto is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, a former Air Force captain, and a onetim
Radio Ink Magazine2 min gelesen
5 Things To Think About Before Moving Into Podcasting
Many talent and producers who have found themselves out of a job recently are looking for new life in podcasting. Creating podcasts is fun and can be rewarding, but launching them and making them successful as moneymakers is very hard. You’ll have to