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The Difference Between A Good Podcast And A Good Radio Show

So, what makes a good radio show, and what makes a successful podcast? It’s not the same things. Not by a long shot. As listening habits and tastes change, radio needs to reevaluate everything from formats to what a successful host sounds like. Here are some of

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What Does The Next Generation Think Of Radio?
Over the past decade, one of radio’s biggest challenges has been recruiting, paying, and keeping young talent. Why should they join the radio industry? What do we need to do to get them here? Once they arrive, how do we keep them here? We reached out
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Pds Speak Out
They are in the trenches every day, working with talent, talking to listeners, dealing with management, trying to make their station sound better than every other station in the country. We asked a few of Radio Ink’s 2020 Best Program Directors in Am
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Aloha From 1978
This is broadcast journalist Chas Henry back when he was O’Henry, doing weekend evenings on Top 40 KKUA/Honolulu. He writes, “The station’s 10kw signal blasted Oahu and could be heard on several neighbor islands as well. One evening, I even had a cal