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WAY BACK IN 2004 SIMON CLARKE HIT THE BOARDS TO WIN A RAINBOW jersey as part of the Australian Junior team pursuit team, and he’s been chasing paved dreams ever since then.

The Victorian didn’t take long to make his mark on the twisty roads of Italy, as part of the AIS South Australia squad. This duly earned him his first pro contract with the Italian based Amica Chips team in 2009.

His progression through the pro ranks has been as solid and steady as his team pursuit pulls were, and he’s taken stage wins in all 3 grand tours amongst other things.

Coming into the disrupted 2020 season he was firmly tilted towards results in the spring classics on earning and a slot on the Australian Olympic road squad. With an impressive pre-virus spring victory in the La Drome Classic he was well on track to hit out at his early season targets of Strade Bianchi and Amstel Gold, classics he has a particular flare for.

Well, we all know what happened next; but none of us know what will follow in the months ahead. We caught up with him as he prepared at home for a potential late season return to racing and a second shot at his targeted races.


SC: Not too bad. I’m appreciating some good at home with the family, something a pro cyclist is a little deprived of.

I live in Andorra, and we also have a place in Italy (my wife is Italian). We head there sometimes, but spend most of our time in Andorra.

We’re 6 weeks into lockdown now (early May). Until last week you could only go to the supermarket or pharmacy, and then they introduced exercise time; you are allowed to exercise outdoors for an hour every 2 days.

It didn’t really bother me; I don’t need to go outside as I’m riding every day

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