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What does it take to excel on Zwift?


Mental fortitude: Just being able to really suffer indoors, that’s crucial.

You need to be able to push a lot of watts

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Gear Of The Week
Weight 1,500g Several of Hunt’s wheelsets come with carbon spokes, although the brand has taken the headache out of this tricky to live with technology, leaving you with a lot of the benefits. Whereas most brands’ carbon spokes are bonded to the rim,
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In Focus
Back in business Wout van Aert launches his decisive attack on the final section of gravel to set up a dream victory at Strade Bianche. The win is just over a year on from his horrific crash in the final TT of the Tour de France, when he hit the barr
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Create Your Own Fear-fighting Plan
1 In the first column, jot down all the cycling fears you have, big or small. Anything that makes your stomach churn with nerves when you think about it should go on here. 2 Take each fear one at a time and in the middle column look at all the action