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‘It’s all about time on the trainer’

“It’s easier to drop world-class riders in a TDF stage than to win a Zwift race. That says it all,” Thomas De Gendt tweeted recently. But there are of Vitus Pro Cycling.

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Former Winners
British unless stated 2001 Matt Wells* 2000 Russell Downing 1999 Chris Walker 1998 Chris Newton 1997 Rob Hayles 1996 Wayne Randle 1995 Julian Ramsbottom 1994 No event 1993 Wayne Randle 1992 Robert Power (Ire) 1991 Mark Gornall 1990 Steve Farrell 1989
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Essex Legacy
World-class racing again graced some of the old Grand Prix roads when stage three of the 2014 Tour de France passed through Essex on its way from Cambridge to London. It’s reported that over 10,000 people congregated in the village of Finchingfield t
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Something of a surprise winner last year when this climber won in a small group sprint, we doubt he’ll be able to take anyone by surprise this time and will be closely marked. CW rating ★★★★ He wants this one badly. It would complete a career set of