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Cycling 2 July, 1966

ditor Alan Gayfer was getting somewhat carried away by the abilities of new time trialling star Dave Dungworth. The 22-year-old painter and decorator from Ecclesfield, Sheffield had just won the National 50-mile Championship by

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Club Run: ‘A Nice Day’s Outing’ 1940
A 1940s club run meanders through summer lanes. Well populated by both men and women and neatly organised in pairs, the conviviality is obvious. Sadly, with rules on social distancing in place, a club run that is quite this friendly has become, tempo
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The Thrill Of The Race
If you have been itching to get racing again so you can get enough points to maintain that hard-won first or second-category licence, worry not. There will be no ranking points available for any remaining events in 2020, and thus British Cycling has
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Dr Hutch
I have some sad news to report. After a long period of study and reflection, and the examination of several graphs, I’ve been forced to the conclusion that my 2020 form has now plateaued. Since there’s no racing, and even if there was I wouldn’t be d