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■ “Nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep are integral to our mental health,” says Heather Beach, director of The Healthy Work Company. “In this period, most people are being more mindful about food shopping,

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Language Lesson
When we first went into lockdown, a home fitness revolution was born. But without the guidance of a PT or the ability to copy the bloke on the bench over, Brits had to take exercise instruction into their own hands – by doing an awful lot of Googling
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15 Minutes With… Skechers Ambassador Jamie Redknapp
YOU STOPPED PLAYING PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL IN 2005, BUT IS FITNESS STILL A BIG PART OF YOUR LIFE? It’s a massive part of my life, on so many levels. Mentally, as much as anything, it means a lot. I do some form of exercise most days – be it playing g
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