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Serial entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia, who founded five-odd companies, including collaboration tool Flock, and saw successful exits such as Resellerclub and BigRock, takes his hike breaks seriously. “Unfortunately, in the last eight-nine months, I have
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Net Sales Of Cv Makers Cross Pre-covid Levels
↘ Domestic net sales of commercial vehicle companies rose 26.5 per cent in the December quarter to cross pre-Covid levels. This despite sales either remaining lower or rising only marginally compared with the year-ago period ↘ In February 2021, thoug
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Dead Cat Bounce?
As India is going through the second wave of Covid-19 infections, so are fears of uncertainty and gloom. But the consistent improvement in gross domestic product (GDP) numbers over the past year is playing a key role in shaping up sentiments of corpo