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Plans to end garden sneezes

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AS families are encouraged to get out into the garden and get their youngsters growing food and flowers instead of going to play in the park, some parents are worried that this could exacerbate any existing childhood allergies.

Now writer, designer and allergy expert Jackie Herald has come up with a series

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Donation helps young growers BEE-loving company Seedball has donated 200,000 wildflower seedballs to community groups and schools to allow children to act against the UK’s biodiversity crisis. The move is part of the Londonbased company’s partnership
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MOST seeds are sown between early spring and late summer, but some need a spell of cold to get going, so these are usually started off in the middle of winter. This process is called stratification and is usually applied to the seeds of trees and shr
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I KNOW we keep saying it, but to anyone who thinks autumn and winter are ‘down times’ for gardeners, it’s time to think again. Take this week for instance; the soil has taken a battering over the summer with some pretty intensive growing so I spent a