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Top Tips On How To Handle Tantrums
Dr Amanda Gummer specialises in child play, toys and development. DISTRACT: If you feel a tantrum coming on, try to distract the child with something unrelated. IGNORE: Where possible, ignore it and let the child get it out of their system – just m
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Good For You!
Millions of Brits are struggling to wind down due to the rise of tech use at home. Research by Bayfields Opticians shows it takes on average 37 minutes to switch off after a day’s work, with 12% of homeworkers taking at least an hour to disconnect. J
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This Week’s Hot List
The wild expanses of the west coast of Ireland provide a beautiful backdrop to some decidedly murky goings on in this rollicking black comedy thriller starring Olivia Cooke as a whip-smart young woman looking to avenge her mother’s death. The bodies