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Calm Your Critter
FYI, Fido is freaking out too. “Dogs and cats suffer from anxiety much like humans do,” says veterinarian Marty Becker, founder of Fear Free Pets, a program that provides vets and owners with tools to promote pets’ emotional well-being. You might not
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The Beauty of Rituals
6:30 a.m.: Wake up 6:45 a.m.: Run 7:30 a.m.: Shower, beauty routine, get dressed, eat 8:45 a.m.: Off to catch the train This was my typical morning routine pre-COVID-19. And mundane as it may seem, as soon as I didn’t have that monotonous structure a
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The Smart Sweat
Time spent on the track could mean a better time in bed: Women who regularly did cardio had less trouble becoming aroused and reaching orgasm than those who stayed stationary, per a Journal of Sexual Medicine study of over 2,000 women. (FWIW, the stu