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Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe for Every Sign, by Catherine Urban, Adams Media, simonandschuster.com, 288 pages, 200+ recipes. Hard cover, $18.99.

I’m not sure I should be allowed to read a cookbook, as though I’m an indifferent cook and would probably ruin any recipe I tried to follow by leaving something out, I will definitely try most any edible at least once. Then if I like whatever

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★ LOVE: First Week. June’s spring fever presents a family-oriented homebody, but you may be too much in a hurry to notice. Second Week. Mars enters Leo, your house of romance (the 5th), creating a dramatic scenario around meeting a sweetheart. Third
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For more puzzles see page 44 1. GEMINI Alanis Morisette’s song: “You Oughta __” 5. TV series for GEMINI Poppy Montgomery: “__ Break” 9. Actress Long 12. “The Lion King” lioness 13. Musical advice from GEMINI Idina Menzel: “Let __” (2 wds.) 14. “The _
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Antiscia: Secrets in the Mirror by Elizabeth Hazel. Kozmic Kitchen Press, kozmickitchenpress.com, 117 pages, paper, $26.50. The subject of this book might be something quite new to anyone who has studied only modern Western astrology, based on the st