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No relief in sight for banks

The already struggling Aussie banking sector copped the full brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s

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Need Paul’s Help?
Ask Paul, Money magazine, Level 7, 55 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000 or Sorry, but Paul can’t personally answer your questions other than in the Q&A column. By submitting your question to Money, you consent to having your que
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Parental Leave Catches On
When my first child was born, I didn’t receive paid parental leave from my employer or the government. But these days a birth mother can qualify for government-funded parental leave of 18 weeks for a newborn. On top of this, around 50% of Australian
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Share In The Cash Splash
Faced with an economy battered by lockdowns and border closures, the federal government has delivered a big-spending budget, with plenty of the cash splash pitched at small businesses. The government has flipped open its cheque book with a program of