Revisiting Sacred Cows: Which Figures From History Do We Honor, And How?

Statues have been taken down; names scrubbed from institutions. The national reckoning over race has reenergized debates over historical figures and the scrutiny goes beyond Confederate monuments.
A Stonewall Jackson statue is loaded on a truck after being removed from Monument Avenue in Richmond, Va., on Wednesday. Source: Ryan M. Kelly

In Richmond, Va., the former capital of the Confederacy, a bronze statue of Confederate general Stonewall Jackson sitting triumphantly astride his horse, Little Sorrel, no longer towers above that city's Monument Avenue.

To the cheers of a crowd of onlookers who gathered in the pouring rain earlier this week, work crews cut the statue from its granite base, and after hours of labor, a crane lifted it away to be put in storage, at least temporarily.

Jackson's dethroning came on orders from Richmond Mayor , who claimed emergency powers to act in the interest of public safety. "We've had 33 days of unrest," Stoney . "It's time to move beyond the lost cause and embrace the righteous cause.

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