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THE sight of a hypodermic needle hovering over your skin is enough to give anyone cold shivers, but what if you knew it contained a brand-new vaccine that hasn’t been tested on humans before? That’s a whole other level of scary.

But when Nosisi Ngqiba heard local scientists needed volunteers to take part in Africa’s first clinical trial to test a potential Covid-19 vaccine, she didn’t hesitate. For months the Soweto grandmother had been itching to do something to help fight the virus and now she finally had her

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The Scourge Of Bullying
I became transported back to my high school days when I read of the tragic suicide of 15-year-old Lufuno (YOU, 6 May). I was bullied badly because I too stayed quiet and didn’t join in the gossip of others. It all came to a head in the science lab. T
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What was the inspiration behind the album? When lockdown hit, our industry was one of the those that took the biggest knock. We had to cancel six tours and we were in a bit of shock. One day, I was sitting at the piano and this emotional rendition o
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TV Movies / Thursday 20 May – Wednesday 26 May
■ TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON ★★★ 2011, 154 min, PG13,, 00:00. Sci-fi action. The third film in the series based on the toys. A race of good robots who can disguise themselves as machines battle their evil counterparts to reach a spaceship an