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Militaria during a Pandemic?

Many who attended this past February’s Show Of Shows (SOS) agreed it was one to remember. Dealers reported strong sales, collectors found new treasure, and it was just generally a good time. But it could be one to remember because it was — sadly — the last big show before the world changed, possibly forever.

Less than a month after SOS, a tidal wave mixture of illness and precaution washed over the world, sending the masses into quarantine. Large shows including the Baltimore Antique Arms Show, the Ohio Civil War & Artillery Show, and the West Coast Historical Militaria Collectors Show were cancelled. Other shows and events — from the Wanenmacher Tusla Arms Show to the Machine Gun Shoot at Knob Creek — were also scrubbed. Live auctions shifted to online-only events. Some auction houses reportedly enforced the quarantine even further by delaying pickup of items until the restrictions were lifted.

Simply put, “the show didn’t go on.”

This was all the result

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Favorite Finds
In 2000, I purchased a US Navy seaman’s cap with the hat band or tally showing it came from the USS Oklahoma. My reason for purchasing it was the historical significance of the Oklahoma. In addition, the name of the sailor was stenciled on the inside
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A Glimpse of Shangri-La
Five years after the cast of the 1937 movie, “Lost Horizon,” took shelter in Shangri-La, a fictional utopian lamasery located high in the mountains of Himalayas, Private Jimmy Rizzo was stationed there. Today, Jimmy is 98 and lives in Long Island, N.
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The Battle Plan
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