Amateur Photographer

Lockdown art

The rules were simple: pictures must have been taken at home between 23 March and 31 May, and uploaded to Instagram, Flickr, Twitter or Facebook. They could be of anything, but we’d award a £100 CameraWorld voucher for our favourite image, (chosen by a panel from AP and CameraWorld) and five Benro mini tripods for the best runner-up pictures of a person, a pet, an object, something edible, and a view through a door or window. We had some great entries, and here are our top 20...

Vinny Jasmin White

Canon EOS 5D Mark lV, 1/250sec f/2.8

Jasmin is clearly a versatile photographer, having taken two of our favourite pictures in completely different genres: pets and food. ‘The last few months have been difficult for us all,' she admits. ‘When lockdown was announced all my work dried up. But in many ways this period has been amazing. I challenged myself to document this uncertain time by highlighting the good in the everyday. I've started looking more carefully at my surroundings and noticed the beauty in things I've never seen before. It's good to have this daily thing to keep my mind focused on photography rather than the news.' Jasmin captured her dog Vinny in his favourite spot – her bed. @thesecountryroads (Instagram)

Day 5:Nicki-Joe Baxter

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