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has launched a new podcast entitled One Game at a . In each episode, Sam Roberts talks to a player about a

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Henry Chavancy
HENRY CHAVANCY has been on Racing 92’s books since the last millennium. That’s some statement in a sport where one-club players are a dying breed. Born in Strasbourg in eastern France, Chavancy joined Racing’s youth section in 1999 at the age of 11.
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“The Rise Of The Fox Has Compounded The Fall Of The Tiger”
THE DAYS of media parking in the car park next to Welford Road are long gone. Now it’s a stroll from the King Power Stadium. It’s not too gruelling. Not quite spitting distance (no spitting in these times, please) but near neighbours would be a fair
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Rob Vickerman
QUESTIONS have been building for some time as to the direction and role of sevens, specifically with European teams. Does it need to be part of a national programme? How else could it be used? Could it/would it flourish with independence from unions?